Tuesday, June 4, 2013

How to Create Views On Surveys



I learned this trick today (thanks Jamie!) and wanted to share it in a blog post.  I am sure that we have all ripped out our hair before trying to understand why SharePoint does not give a way to create views of Survey Data or be able to view it in a list, well no more!

In order to create the views you will need:

1.    A Survey

2.    That’s it, this trick is super simple once you know it


1.    Navigate to your survey

2.    Select Survey Settings

3.    Copy the URL from your browser (it should look similar to this)

b.    We do this in order to get the list ID, there are other ways but this is fairly quick

4.    Next we are going to change the URL to remove “survedit” to “viewtype”

5.    Bask in the awesomeness!  From this page you can create the views just like any other list or library

From these views you can run your exports just like any other list or library