Monday, August 19, 2013

How To Show Related Items Within A Document Set

This tutorial will show you how to activate the document set feature / content type, how to create a Document Set Content Type, How to Add the Content Type to Your Library, and how to show Related List Items within the particular document set.  If you know how to do all of the other aspects of this article, feel free to skip to the end and just read the part under “Display Related Items Within The Document Set.”

(This post assumes that you know how to create a lookup from your list to a field within the Document Set Content Type.  I have a previous post which shows how to use the lookup field required to create the relationship)

Materials Needed:

1.    A Document Library

2.    A List

3.    A relationship between the list and document set (lookup field)

4.    Page Field Filter Web Part

Activate the Document Set Feature:

(This requires SharePoint Online for Enterprises or SharePoint Server 2010)

1.    Select Site Actions

2.    Select Site Settings

3.    Site Collection Administration

4.    Site Collection Features

5.    Activate Document Sets

Create the desired Document Set Content Type

1.    Select Site Actions

2.    Select Site Settings

3.    Select Site Content Types

4.    Select Create

5.    Enter the name of your Content Type

6.    Under Select Parent Content Type

a.    Select Document Set Content Types

                                          i.    (this is only available after activating the feature which we did previously)

7.    Select a group where you would like the Document Set Stored

8.    Select OK

Add the Created Content Type To Your Library:

1.    Select the Desired Library

2.    Select Library Tools

3.    Select Library

4.    Select Library Settings

5.    Select Advanced Settings

6.    Select “Yes” Allow Management of Content Types

7.    Select OK

a.    “Add From Existing Site Content Types” Will Now Appear Under Content Types

8.    Select Add From Existing Content Types

9.    Select The Document Set Content Type Which You Created Earlier

10. Select Add

11. Select OK

a.    (There will now be two content types listed under Content Types “Document” & “Your Document Set Name”)

Related List

I have an earlier post “Linking Lists & Editing The Default Display Form” on how to relate the two pieces of content.  In a nutshell though, you will need to have a lookup field which pulls a field from your created Document Set.  I will be using the Title from my Document Set Content Type for my example.

 Display Related Items Within The Document Set:

1.    Navigate To Your Library

2.    Create a New Document Set Item

3.    Open the Document Set Item

4.    Select The Page Tab

5.    Select Edit Page

6.    Select The Zone You Would Like Your Related Items Displayed

7.    Select Add A Web Part

8.    Select The List With Related Items

9.    Select Add A Web Part

10. Insert the “Page Field Filter” Web Part

11. Select The Page Filter Web Part

a.    Select Connections

12. Select “Send Filter Values To”

13. Select Get Filter Values From

14. Select Configure Connection

15. Select the Related Field From Consumer Field Name

16. Select Finish

17. Select Stop Editing

Your Document Set Should Now Display Only The Related Items!!!



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