Friday, November 15, 2013

Corrupt / Broken Web Part No Worries! How to Access the Web Part Maintenance Page

I haven't had to use this trick in a while, but I ended up having to remember it today, so I figured I would write quick blog post on it.

From time to time a web part can become corrupt or broken making it impossible to delete, edit, remove, etc from the page.  This can be an enormous headache and a very annoying scenario when you first encounter it.  The easiest way to remove the broken web part is by utilizing the web part maintenance page.  To access the page, simply put “?contents=1” at the end of your URL.  For example if my page was:


I would use us/sitename/pages/ExamplePage.aspx?contents=1 to access the web part maintenance page.  From this page you can easily see which web parts are being used on the page and easily delete the one(s) that are corrupt or broken.



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